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Padova Meeting

NOVEMBER 5-6, 1999

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Friday, Nov 5, 1999

First morning session
Chairman: Pascal Kintz

09.00 Welcome
Alain Verstraete, Manfred R. Moeller

Coordinator's interim report
09:15 Summary of the reports WP1 - WP3
Results of the Rosita quality control

Alain Verstraete

Discussion about WP4, part I
Per country: state of the study, number of subjects already studied, plans for the future, problems encountered, recommendations to other participants, ...
  • 09:30  Belgium (N. Samyn)
  • 09:45  Germany (S. Steinmeyer, M. Möller)
  • 10:00  France (P. Kintz)
  • 10:15  Finland (P. Lillsunde)

  • 10:30  Coffee Break

  • 10:50  Italy (G. Frison)
  • 11:05  Norway (A. Christophersen , J. Mørland)
  • 11:20  Scotland (J. Oliver, R. Anderson)
  • 11:35  Spain (M. Lopéz-Rivadulla)


21:00  Attendance to a drug control action of the Saarland traffic police unit (until appr. 04:00 a.m.)

Saturday, Nov 6, 1999

Second morning session
Chairman: Alain Verstraete

10:30 Discussion of WP4 , part II
discussion of the encountered problems, evaluation of the results, first ideas for the recommendations, modifications to the protocol, ...
11:30  Presentation by Dr. Sam Niedbala (STC Technologies):
Review of Technology and Regulations which will allow the future use of Saliva Drugs of Abuse Testing in the United States Saliva testing as seen from the US

Presentation by Dr. Michael Walsh:
Report of the SAMSHA conference (Oct. 5-6), held on "non-instrumented drug testing devices"

12:15  Discussion and future activities:
- Next Rosita meeting in Padova
- Presentations at other meetings
- Cost statements and progress report
- The future of Rosita
19:00  Dinner


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